Project Baseline – West Indonesia Project Phase I

Project BaselineProject Baseline encourages local dive groups to document ongoing environmental conditions in their favorite aquatic environments. Then, by regularly monitoring a location and publishing data including pictures and narrative logs through Google Earth, PB aims to raise public awareness of ecological deterioration to facilitate more detailed scientific inquiry and influence public policy.

Banyu Biru Explorers as a GUE Affiliate is currently preparing PB for the Western Indonesian region, with monitoring area around the Jakarta Bay and Sunda Strait. We name this as Phase I of the Indonesian Project Baseline. Our Phase II Project Baseline will cover the Eastern Indonesian region.

The Phase I project will kick-off in June 2012. E-mail us if you are interested to participate in this project. E-mail to

For more information about the global Project Baseline, please browse to

Project Baseline is a global initiative of Global Underwater Explorers (GUE).