Our People

Rendra Hertiadhi a.k.a. “Ronny” is the initiating founder of Banyu Biru Explorers. Started diving as a hobby in 1984 and passionately dive deeper into all things underwater. His love and passion about diving took him to also learn about occupational and technical diving. Ronny had specifically focused himself into diving safety aspects and development of technical diving in Indonesia. He is an active supporter of DAN Asia-Pacific and Project Aware and also teaching DAN courses and EFR trainings. Since 2008 Ronny dedicated himself to socialization of diving safety to divers communities in Indonesia. Ronny is a DSAT TecRec diver and also a GUE member.

Dany Darwis a.k.a. “Bule” is one of  Banyu Biru Explorers’ founder. Dany started diving in 2008 and besides of his profession as a videographer, he is also building his passion and knowledge regarding diving safety. Dany is a diving logistic specialist and trip manager at BBX. Dany is a CMAS and GUE certified diver.


Bayu Wardoyo a.k.a. “Hantu Laut” is another founder of  Banyu Biru Explorers. Started diving in 1985 and now also our organization’s lead Instructor. His love to diving made him a dive pro as PADI and IANTD instructors. Bayu loves underwater photography. Bayu is a GUE certified diver.






Our knowledge development partners:

1. Ebram Harimurti

2. Suhodo Kartarahardja


Our core team members:

1. Nuri Hertiadhi

2. Raditya “Randy” Kosasih

3. Ira Adhisti


Our interactive communication channels:

Forum Selam

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