Dive Gear


We know that when some people hear Halcyon, they think, Tech diving. Extreme exploration might be the most recognizable component of our history, but building amazing recreational dive gear has been part of our goal from the beginning. We’ve always thought that if the most demanding exploratory diving fosters the use of a clean gear configuration, recreational open water divers would benefit just as much (if not more) from the reduction in the amount of gear they carry. Our dedication to recreational diving goes beyond BC design. From the first days of the company, Halcyon has been focused on diver safety by promoting the use of surface marker devices and redundant surface flotation.

Whether or not you are getting ready for your first dive or your 500th, Halcyon has an open water configuration that will improve the quality of your time underwater.


Banyu Biru Explorers is an authorized dealer of Halcyon Dive Systems.

For inquiries, please email to: halcyon [at] banyubiru.org