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Hi everyone,

As you may aware, we at Banyu Biru Explorers are happy users of the Halcyon Dive Systems. We believe in the system as it gave us confidence in any of our diving whether it’s a relax recreational dive on a reef, or the more demanding technical dives to deep wrecks around Indonesia and the world. We in fact were among the first users of the Halcyon Dive Systems in Indonesia, and the first one that seriously introduced this versatile dive system in this part of the world!

Bimini_gearshot_sunsetHalcyon Dive Systems has been developed following real-life diving situations, they are very streamline, provides excellent balance, rugged and durable. We have abused them, and until now they are still in their best shape to keep on providing us with excellent diving experience.





We have shared our happiness in using the Halcyon BCD and other stuffs to many of our friends and students, and now we want to share the experience to more divers including yourself. For this, in the near future we will (again) start catering orders for a full range of Halcyon Dive Systems products, supported by Diving Distribution, a Halcyon Dive Systems Asia distribution center based in Hong Kong. So if you need any Halcyon Dive Systems and even the spares, just let us know and we will do our best to provide you with the stuff needed. We  provide tryouts, try before you buy, so you know that you are buying the right thing!

Here’s the list of products that may be of your interest:

  • Halcyon Dive Equipment
  • Halcyon Drysuit Accessories and Mounting Kits
  • Halcyon Guideline Devices
  • Halcyon Surface Markers & Lift Devices
  • Halcyon Regulator Systems
  • Halcyon Lighting Systems
  • Halcyon BC Systems
  • Halcyon Dive System Components
  • Halcyon Spares
  • Halcyon Logowear
  • Halcyon Hardware
  • Halcyon Dive Essentials

Currently our catalogue page is still under construction to ease your navigation in finding each product in detail. In the mean time please drop us an e-mail for your Halcyon product inquiries or contact us directly by e-mail or telephone.

E-mail: click here

Phone: +62 21 3033 7935

Gear Up With Halcyon Dive Systems

Your Next Holiday Destination – Putri Island Resort

About Putri Island

Putri island was founded in 1973, and has become the resort in the Thousand Islands, Indonesia. In 1992, it was further developed by the Management of Island Princess by adding new facilities, such as: Aquarium Tunnel, Swimming Pool, Aquarium, Underwater, terrarium, Tennis Court, Glass Bottom Boat, Sunset Cruise, etc..

In 2001, Putri Island was awarded “Adikarya Wisata 2001” by Jakarta Governor, Mr. Sutiyoso as a gratitude for improving Jakarta’s Tourism. Putri Island management always try to maintain and preserve its nature beauty so that visitors can feel what it’s like to be “back in nature”.

Today, Putri Island resort is well-known not only to the Indonesian market, but also to the other Asian and European countries. Visitors enjoy spending their holiday or business vacation with friends, relatives, or colleagues in Putri Island because of its nature beauty, facilities, and most importantly the unforgettable experienced they get!

Banyu Biru Explorers is now serving reservation and tours to the Putri Island Resort. E-mail of contact us at +62 21 3033 7935 to book your holiday at the Putri Island Resort.

For more information about the resort please visit the official website: http://www.putriisland.com/home.php

See the review on TripAdvisor here: http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g294229-d557840-Reviews-Putri_Island_Resort_Hotel-Jakarta_Java.html