How Does It Work?

You were going diving, or swimming, or fishing or boating with your friends anyway, right? Then take your water-based adventures to a new level by participating in Project Baseline. We welcome participation from any SCUBA diver or water enthusiast.Project Baseline volunteers gather valuable observational data, ranging from images to videos to logs, from chosen site(s) and publishes this data to the web using Google Earth. This powerful tool gives the public a starting point — a “baseline” — for each site, and presents clear evidence of gradual environmental change, if this has taken place, over time. This continuous documentation gives Project Baseline compelling information that can be shared with resource managers, regulators, scientists and the public. Our hope is that this will motivate people to work toward positive change in their communities by raising awareness of the state of water on a local scale. The Basics:

  • An individual or group takes volunteer “ownership” of an aquatic area. This should be an area that an individual or group frequents regularly for water- based recreation.
  • A Site Manager volunteers to organize all Project Baseline activities that focus on this new project area. The team (volunteer Site Support) visits the Project area on a regular basis. The team takes responsibility for, or delegates tasks to appropriate volunteers, such as keeping the group on target for area goals and uploading data to our database.
  • Site visits are conducted at Project Baseline areas regularly (anywhere from once a week to multiple times each month.)
  • Observational data such as images, video, and dive logs are updated to the Project Baseline database.
  • Over time, each Project Baseline area’s team members, as well as the general public, views contributions to our database and witnesses an area’s changes, if any, over time.
  • Observations are leveraged in any number of applications from informal sharing of experiences to formal presentations at environmental or scientific conferences or any public forum.

For more details about starting your Project Baseline area, download our User Manual, or contact the Program Manager.